Take the Challenge!

I just read an article on the Captain Current vs. Phantom Energy website created by the students in the Capstone Project at Portland State University. “Oh, the Lovely Savings I Make” recounts the use of a product called The Kill-A-Watt EZ. The most shocking revelation in this article is the difference in electrical usage between florescent and regular light bulbs!

I challenge you to do some of your own investigative work. A good way to start is to look around your house and take an inventory of all of your electronic devices from light bulbs to phone chargers. Then once you have a good list going, get one of these monitoring devices and hook them up to see how much electricity you are actually using. If you choose to take this challenge report back in the comments section, so we can get an idea of the energy consumption from others around the world. Your own investigation may even spark your own personal change.

Posted by Catherine Martell-Straight