Savings with a Screen Saver?

Just because it has “saver” in the title doesn’t mean it’s saving you anything. Actually, it could even cost you more than using the computers sleep mode. Using a screen saver could also disable the sleep-mode altogether. By using the energy calculator, I calculated there is a $2.45 difference per hour between an in-use computer and a computer that is in idle/sleep mode. I also found that sometimes it’s a little confusing configuring your computer to implement it’s sleep mode correctly. However, the “Climate Savers – Smart Computing” website has some additional energy saving tips, as well as, how-to lists to configure various computer systems to correctly perform the sleep mode. I have to tell you that this is the biggest change that I have made in my efforts to eliminate my own personal energy waste. I used to be addicted to my family pictures screen saver, but I now realize that I can just have my family picture hanging on my wall instead of wasting energy.