Polar Bears Stand To Suffer From Warming

Posted by Jabr Almarri

In the long discussion of the environment, energy conservation, and the effects of our actions, much of the conversation is directed towards quality of air, water, ozone, and many other non-living things. However, it is often forgotten that some of the largest effects of a struggling environment are had on the living. The New York Times reports that global warming, brought on by the very problems addressed by our Phantom Energy campaign, are the chief threat to polar bears in the Arctic.

While the bears adapt well and may be able to survive the warming trends, they still stand to lose much of their "sea ice" community by the end of this century. When people act in regards to the environment, they tend to do so without thinking of the effects their actions will have on the larger picture. And for the most part, they are right in thinking that each individual impact is small. But as we have learned, these individual impacts grow and accumulate to form one larger push in a positive or negative direction.

As we become increasingly aware of the living organisms that depend on our energy prudence, the hope is that our actions will reflect this knowledge.