A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

Posted by Kendra Collins

To live in these economic times everyone talks about ways to save money. Have you every thought of turning off the air conditioner in the Summer? Using a clothes line indoors or out to dry your clothing? Turning off the heated dry on your dishwasher? I have been using a calculator from the website of Michael Bluejay that gives approximate costs of certain appliances. If I were to line dry my clothes I could save some where around $9.00 a month. If I turned off my air conditioner in the Summer I figured I could save myself $38.00 per month. Ways to stay cool in hot weather is to open windows at night and in the early morning, then close windows and blinds before it starts getting hot. If there is a breeze that usually helps, but for a really hot day try wearing something damp around the house. For Winter wearing extra layers of clothing is always an option and might allow you to turn down your inside temperature by a few degrees which could also save money.

From other posts we have seen that compact fluorescent light bulbs can cut energy cost by 2/3rds. Also, unplugging certain devices can reduce bill as well, but if your wanting some dramatic electric bill changes you should give my ideas a try. We all know that any extra pennies in our pocket today can bring about big changes tomorrow. Perhaps, we can put those saved pennies to better use stimulating our economy.