Is ecoterrorism the answer?

Posted by Jabr Almarri

One of the newest ways to speak out about the state of the environment is not recycling, reducing phantom energy, or any of the methods we have discussed in this class. The newest way, in fact, is terrorism.

The New York Times reports that some “environmental terrorist organizations,” such as the Earth Liberation Front, commit terrorist attacks on targets that they feel to be not environmentally sound. One such attack was an arson on a group of Seattle homes that were built on a wetland, thus damaging the wetland. Even more egregious, said the E.L.F. was that these homes were built and proclaimed to be “green” or environmentally sound.

This type of response to non-environmentally friendly policy is becoming more and more popular, but does that mean its right? The groups are engaging in non-violent acts, but property and possessions are being harmed. I believe that this is not an appropriate way to handle the situation, personally. In this case, the ELF are just as guilty as those who are damaging the wetlands.