Measure Your Electricity Use

Hello my name is Kendra Collins and I am a student at PSU and this term our group is focusing on “phantom energy” meaning how much energy are we wasting on things when we don’t even know it. For example, how much electricity does your cell phone charger, coffee maker, laptop charger, ect use? I found an extremely helpful site for the visual person like myself. I wanted a way to measure every particular device so I could figure out exactly what each item is costing me, and if I add up all of these devices how much could I be saving in electrical energy use. Since I have heard that a lamp can still use some electricity even when off. I am debating whether to invest in this device, called the Kill-A-Watt EZ. After all, with current economic times wouldn’t it be helpful to know where you could be saving some money. As we have all been told pennies a day really do add up. Just like small amounts of electricity usage add up as well, not to mention being more green. Julie the author of the web site that analyzes the Kill-A-Watt EZ., takes you step by step through the ways in which the Kill A Watt works and how you can put it to use in your home. Go to the hyperlink above to learn more about this particular device and how to use it.

Since these Winter months seem to be the highest energy bills for most families aren’t you curious how you can take control of your electricity usage? My sister-in-law recently called me frantic because her electric bill was over $400 dollars last month. She was extremely dismayed when she found my bill was much lower considering the fact that my house is larger. I told her I used energy efficient light bulbs in every fixture in my home. I figure they are well worth the expense. I still have a couple energy efficient bulbs from when my husband and I were first married over 8 years ago. An extremely good investment, when I figure I am also saving over $100 per month on my electricity bill in the Winter months. I do think I will invest in the Kill-A-Watt EZ, and I will get back to you all with the results. Perhaps, I will let a few of my family members borrow it as well, so they can determine where their electricity and extra dollars are going.

Bye for now,