Find it Where You Need It

Blog posted by Nour-Petra Hamieh

I was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. Recycling materials was an idea brought to us as students from French textbooks, but seldomly praticed in our everyday life. When I took this class, and saw what the topic was about, the first thought that came to my head was "I have no information about subjects of recylcling". But now, I am very interested in it and have been researching it and reading about it.
I came across a site called Green-e that I think will be useful for anyone who is very serious about becoming "green", right down to recyclable energy and electricity. The URL for the site is What I thought was reallly helpful was the Find Renewable Energy for Your Home section, in which one can find renewable energy anywhwere in the U.S.
You have the option of REC or Renewable Electricity, as well as the choice of where it is available(state) and where it is generated(state). Finally, you have the choice of Resources:
For myself, as a student who hasn't yet had the chance to own a home or a business, I think this site would be really helpful in aiding me to invest in and use Recyclable Energy for my home or business.

I now live in Portland Oregon, so I conducted a search with the following options: Renewable Energy, Wind, Available in Oregon and Generated in Oregon, and the site displayed 3 options for me:

Pacific Power
Blue Sky Block - Pacific Power
Service territory: California, Oregon, Washington
1-800-769-3717 CA, OR, WA Wind: 100% ID, MT, OR, WY Renewable Electricity

Eugene Water and Electric Board
EWEB Greenpower
Service territory: Eugene Water and Electric Board
541-338-WIND (9463) OR Wind: 99%
Solar: 1% OR, WA Renewable Electricity

Pacific Power
Blue Sky Usage
Service territory: Oregon
1-800-769-3717 OR Wind: 61%
Solar: 1%
Biomass: 38% ID, MT, OR, WA Renewable Electricity