Energy Management Systems

Blog Posted by Amy Padilla

I work in a large organization with computers at every desk. It is rare these days that someone working inside of a building is not somehow connected to a personal computer. Many organizations are looking for ways to cut costs these days. They are reducing the amount of supplies, changing insurance plans and cutting workforce. However, there is one way to save on expenses that more companies should know about. Not only will it save the company money, but it will also support the environment by cutting down unnecessary energy consumption and reducing CO2 greenhouse gas emissions. There are many different vendors that sell software that are energy management systems. One that I have experience with is called “Surveyor” and is sold through the company Verdiem. The software is able to be completely customized if the organization requires very specific needs. The software can manage personal computers throughout the organization and shut them down or place them in a very low state of energy consumption during non-use. This is a great way to enforce policies in any size of office. Many employees shut off their computers, but with just a couple leaving their personal computers on it can eat up as much as $60 per pc per year. It will save the bottom line and the environment. The example that Verdiem gives really brings home what kind of financial savings can happen by turning of those personal computers.

“For example, a Fortune 100 Financial Services Company with more than 39,000 PCs under management could have a projected annual savings of:
• $3,000,000 in energy costs
• 60 percent reduction in PC energy bill “

The carbon dioxide that can be saved by shutting down personal computers is also very important. The average personal computer creates 710 lbs to 1,330 lbs of carbon dioxide being sent into the atmosphere.

The Surveyor software is the software that my company uses, but I know there are many other options on the market. Utilizing an energy management system is a smart and responsible way for companies of any size to take advantage of.