Political Greenwashing

It's November 4, 2008. Do you know what YOUR choice believes? Just when you thought politicians couldn't go any lower in trying to get a vote. Right before the election, Senator John Sununu from New Hampshire changed his views on drilling for oil in the United States. While his views and his votes were for drilling, he greenwashed his records to appear that he cares for the environment. Initially, he voted for drilling. Then he claimed to have voted against drilling but, when it was convenient, he then voted for drilling. According to Senator Sununu (on a conservative talk show) he said he voted for drilling. http://thinkprogress.org/2008/10/24/sununu-global-warming/Now, I personally am for drilling for oil in the United States but I understand that some people feel we shouldn't drill in the United States. This is a hot topic - especially since this was an election year. What bothers me is that a person in a high office claims to vote a certain way in order to appear "green" and to appease a certain population but then changes his vote in order to benefit from the other segment of population - that's just wrong. He is not being honest. It smells like greenwashing to me.

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