Its Not Easy Being Green...

There once was a time when people did not have such an active hand in the environment. One day something changed and people started to realize that we had to take care of the planet we live on or it would no longer be capable of taking care of us. Unfortunately like most good intentions, corporations got a grasp on the green movement. While at first this did not seem like a bad thing, but rather a turn for the better to get more people to take part; it eventually became an overwhelming message. As with radio stations that play the same song over and over, companies were and are using the term green wherever they possibly can. As consumers we are bombarded with the green message and because of such the term has lost its meaning. Who is to say what it means anymore to be green… How can everything be green all of a sudden… Who is determining what is green and what is not… Or has it become a free for all of labeling products green… Today there are several online watchdogs to help us put on our rubber boots and tread through the garbage of media that has become greenwashing. One of these watchdogs that helps to call attention to the worst, and the best, has been the EnviroMedia Greenwashing Index With the tools that have created the capabilities of spreading the greenwashing over us all, EnviroMedia is publishing the most authentic green and the worst offenders. Watch the videos below and see what you think… Who is benefiting, society or the pockets of the companies…You decide.

BMW (South Africa) - Defining Innovation
The New TXU
GE Energy
Malaysian Palm Oil Council
Ford Commercial

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