Greenwashing....What's wrong with it? That was my initial reaction when I heard that we were going to put together a website that talked about Greenwashing. I thought greenwashing was just a term used by wacky environmentalists who had too much time on their hands. As I read more about it, I came to realize Greenwashing is a problem that affects us all. The way I see it is this: the main problem with greenwashing isn't just about the environment but also the deceit we are led to believe. Greenwashing is defined as the effort(s) companies or individuals go to in hiding the truth about their practices in regards to the environment. An example I read about was the hotel industry asking the patrons to re-use their towels and linens to save water and detergent. While this sounds good and makes the patron feel good to do their part in conserving, the article later pointed out that the hotel was not sound in their practices with waste management. Apparently recycling was not a priority as it did not net more money for the hotel. When I read this article, I wondered What is the worst sin? Is it the fact that they are not recycling or is it in the deceit toward the public. Even though I feel recycling is important, I think honesty and trust is much more important. While I have bought into recycling and re-using, I was dismayed that the hotelier was more concerned about profit than the environment he professed to be saving. When hoteliers or corporations or politicians set the example of deceit, this affects us all. It makes me want to check out not only the truth but also the motive.

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