Green Guide

I thought I would share the information I currently aquired during my "greenwashing" research. On National Geographic site; they have a Green Guide. In the guide they address different categories on how to do and choose things 'green'. The categories are as listed:

Accessories | Apparel | Appliances | Bath | Bedding | Cosmetics | Electronics | Food & Drink | Home Furnishing | Home Improvement | Housekeeping | Kids & Babies | Kitchen | Lawn & Garden | Personal Care | Pest Control | Pet Supplies | School & Office Supplies |

In each category they offer tips, best advice, problems, solutions, products and related articles. I wandered around the site for awhile and found it very educational and helped me understand why some products are not safe for the environment. Take some time and check out the site too! I think you might find it very benefical!

Looking to becoming 'green',
Cynthia Pestner

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