Green Cosmetics

Blog posted by Christy Perdue

Cosmetics. Beauty products. Spending extra money on high quality organic, earth friendly, green personal care products is important right? Well before you fork out the big bucks; it’s best to know who and what you are actually purchasing.
A comparative study done between Aveda and Burt’s Bees Cosmetics reveals the truth of how healthy high end retail products really are for your skin. The study examined what the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database listed as ingredients in both product lines. The findings where that Burt’s Bees had 72 products categorized as a low health concern; where as all but two of Aveda’s products ranked in the same category. This means that spending more money for what you think is better is not the case. Aveda, owned by Estee Lauder is marketed as an organic, plant based product. The proof is out, that big companies will do what it takes to appeal to consumers, even if it is false marketing; which is just another reason why consumers’ need to be educated on greenwashing. Good luck!