Are Your Pet's Safe?

Pet products are major business, but did you ever wonder what your pet is ingesting? Many consumer pet products boast that they are organic is some way shape or form; however uneducated consumers searching for the best “green” shampoos, foods and toys etc. will be frustrated to find out that pet companies too are players in the greenwashing game.
One pet vender listed anchovies as organic. Come to find out that wild and farmed seafood cannot be certified organic; according to the USDA National Organic Board.
Another thing to look out for is when companies that produce pet shampoo, spray or perfumes list water-based products as organic. These products also cannot be considered organic because they are water-based and water cannot be considered organic. However it is important to not that herbal essences, oils and like minded additives can be certified organic.
Organic bamboo pet collars are of often considered by green consumers as a healthy environmentally friendly option. Harvesting bamboo can be certified organic; however the manufacturing process of bamboo into usable fabric commonly uses toxic chemicals. Also farms harvesting bamboo do not have a Forest Stewardship Council which monitors bamboo growth practices; because of this farms are frequently clear-cut to produces maximum yield.
Concerned pet owners searching for the truth can check out a companies sustainability credentials. These sustainability credentials pertain to companies claiming organic or free-range ingredients, sustainable manufacturing practices and free-trade components.

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