Historical Trees

There have been several reasons, obviously, why the wood products industry would clear-cut our precious trees. Our trees serve many purposes, and have even been burned when our forests had been overcrowded with trees, especially dying and dry trees. The trees that were a fire hazard to begin with. Who would have thought we would have ever intentionally set fire to anything; especially once reallizing the devastation it was doing to the wildlife and ecosystem in the process.
Nevertheless, our wood products industry, continues to clearcut our trees not giving any consideration to what significance may be standing in front of them. Environmental history must be mobilized to save the rare remaining big trees of North America and their endangered ancient forest habitats-not help greenwash their extermination by the international wood products industry. American logging Corporation Weyerhauser has a notorious record for not only environmental devestation but also indigenous rights abuse. Stumps don't lie. Photos of 1,000 year old Cedar trees killed c. 2003 speaks volumes. It's no wonder the contemptible American tree cutting corporation has sought new ways of greenwashing its greed such as the 1999 merging of the Weyerhauser patronized American Forest History Society with The American Society of Environmental History through their joint Environmental History Journal.

Like so many of our precious natural resources; they are rich in value. Yet they come at a drastic price, a price that is felt by our wildlife more than any other. Like building our community, sustainability breeds from history. You can cut our trees, for God sake, there is history there as well.

Steven Campbell

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