Sustain Our Environment

So where would we be if all decisions, policies, living standards, and products were determined by the 'Greenwashers' of the world? It is time that the public understands that the selfish acts of those throughout history, whether predetermined or not, have done much damage to our precious environment. The short-term planning, and bigger is better developing, has created a depletion of resources; resources that are thought to be an infinite amount by many. The United States has been the highest among the worlds nations in energy users. Our nations peoples uses electricity, natural gas, and oil to its fullest potential. Unfortunately, our people seem to think that we are never going to run out of these precious commodities as well. We have been brainwashed into believing this, so why not. It is time that the focus changes, that we take back what is rightfully ours.

We have lost touch with our sense of 'Place.' The 'Greenwashers' built in that taking up more of the 'Space' was better; while eliminating our history, and any meaning from the established grounds that we walk on. People have lost touch with their environment; many have no idea whether their home is built on or near a watershed. They may not even know what a watershed is. A home has become just an economic investment, while becoming 'de-physicalized' to the average home-buyer.

We will never be able to alter the minds of each person that views our site. We can only hope that you (the viewing public) is able to gather some bits of information that is helpful. Information either in avoiding the ill-effects of 'Greenwashing', or possibly some helpful hints on how to sustain our environment to its potential.

As mentioned earlier, many think our resources come in infinite amounts. In the fantasy world this is true, but in reality they are only finite resources. People need to learn to preserve resources. Population is growing each year, which is adding to the need for more homes. Urban development is essential to the ever-increasing 'urban sprawl.' Development must go 'up' while not going 'side-to-side' that only leads to more area taken. You can see where this goes with future planning, how the long-term needs to be taken into consideration. Otherwise we will end up sticking our children with the same problem that we have today. Having to tear down our roadways, our buildings, only to build bigger and wider ones. The same ones that people should have known to build 25 years ago. Our world can only sustain some many remodels, hopefully we are able to influence some minds to at least' think about it!'

Thank You!

Steven Campbell

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