I am one of the worst junk food eaters around. I like sweets of all kinds and eat everything that tastes good, even vegetables. Recently, I have gotten a couple of jobs where I purchase foods for different people. Wow! What a shock to my eating habits when I go to buy organic foods. Okay, it is a given that they cost more because they are…ah…organic.
Now, I understand that they are likely to be foods from local farmers or co-ops and they have higher costs as they are smaller. There are no added chemicals added to the growing of the products. Just what are ‘added chemicals?’ I water and feed my vegetables and use non-chemicals (other plants) to chase away the bugs that are eating my veggies. I think that is still organic. I don’t understand why the foods at stores are battered and bug ridden and cost much more that my own hand raised food cost.
I am all for the local farmers bringing fresh produce and that companies like Fred Meyers and Safeway are buying their foods since they both are going organic. But, why are we getting these vegetables sealed in plastic non-recyclable bags. Why are the fruits and vegetables looking like they need an infusion of herbal tea to perk them up?
Organic is not supposed to be decomposing in the bag or box. Recently, I searched for the little oranges and in all the boxes of the organic ones, there were numerous oranges with green mold growing on them. I was going to give them as a gift to a friend. I don’t think so! This is not what I call fresh organic food.
What I have learned is to be very choosy by checking each and every item, no matter if it is fruits, canned foods, or laundry detergent that says they are green, which may have lots of chemicals in them. I am still a junk food eater, but I am enjoying greater sense of health by eating healthier foods.
I don’t have to buy organic, if it is sicker looking that non-organic foods.
Kathy Sprick

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