My thoughts on the slideshow

I was fascinated by the slideshow the professor uploaded: "Understanding the Economics of e-waste Recycling." It really opened my eyes and revealed my own naivety when it comes to recycling e-waste. I always trusted the companies that offered to take my electronics - computers, computer accessories, cell phones, etc - would stick to their word and dispose of the waste with "green" care. This slideshow really jolted me into realizing that it's important to research the backgrounds of companies that take this waste, to make sure they're actually true to their word and won't let the stuff end up in situations as depicted in the photos. Now that I think about, it angers me that I put such a blind trust in random recyclers that promised to be green. I will definitely be researching their backgrounds from now on. The great thing about the slideshow are the photos themselves - there's nothing more jarring than seeing pictures of where the waste ends up, because pictures are worth a thousand words. Another thing that strikes me about the photos is the negative effects of rampant consumerism. All of this garbage... Did we really need it in the first place? It makes you think.

- Cassie H.

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