Greenwashing Corporate Responsibility

Many companies are not being held responsible for what they sell and are free to claim that they are environmental friendly, organic or going green. Since companies are not being held accountable of how environmentally safe they are, more and more businesses are joining in and depicting that they are also “going green” but are actually “greenwashing” to make a benefit themselves.
These companies that sell to consumers are so into making a profit that they have left out what is actually eco-friendly or organic that they are selling. Many manufacturers that make anywhere from sunscreen, toothpaste and facial products, try to convey these philosophies through either environment-friendly packaging or organic certifications on product labels as noted on, and not what kind of ingredients are in the product itself, that are being sold. Consumers tend to buy into this statement without thinking to look up the information.
There are many websites that are available to check to see if the product the consumer is purchasing is actually eco-friendly and safe for the skin. Cosmetic database at, gives information on how hazardous a product can be and also shows which products are actually eco-friendly.
It is important for consumers to take the time and do some research on which company is really meeting the criteria of what is environmental friendly.


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