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The Good and the Bad

Just when you think everyone is ‘Greenwashing’ it is refreshing to seen news on where things
are being ‘green’. Arm and Hammer are putting out products that have a concentrated solution and a reusable spray bottle to clean up all the messes around one’s environment. They quick to point to the waste of plastic bottles that are now part of our environments and they came up with a solution to make their products more environmentally friendly. While some may scoff at this small step, it is at least a positive step in the right direction. CBS3 news at http://cbs3.com is a great site that has a ‘green scene’ tab to check into steps to making things greener. Enviro Media has a website all about Greenwashing and some good blogs about those not so environmentally concerned. You can find them at http://www.greenwashingindex.com/ . Check them out and rate the ads index.

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