Green, Doing it Right!

Good Day Oregon on Fox 12 did several shows tracking a "Green" remodel done by Neil Kelly of what they called the Jaqua home, right here in Portland, Oregon. I felt compelled to look a little further into the claims made by Dave Schmitke of Good Day Oregon so I went to the Neil Kelly website. There I found specifics about the companies "Green" projects and explainations about why the products used are "Green". I also found the videos from the Good Day Oregon series, which I watched again. If you don't have time to watch all 4 parts, which total about 20 minutes at least watch the last one Part 4--Cabinets Can Be Environmentally Friendly Too.

The Neil Kelly website has great information and if you or someone you know is in need of assistance with a Build or Remodel project or to learn more about Neil Kelly go to

Although our class project has been directed at greenwashing I felt it important to let others know when an honest and successful attemp is being made by one of our local businesses.

Thank you Neil Kelly for addressing environmental sustainability.

Submitted by
Juli Knapp

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