Buying Green a website with an eye catching home page and an even better motto: LIVE RESPONSIBILITY. SHOP SUSTAINABLY. This site offers gifts of varied nature from business, clothing, pets, garden, home and even toys. You can find green ideas to trim your tree, wrap your presents, and even entertain for the holidays. You can also get tips and facts and learn how to start a recycling program.
Wow, a million years is how long a glass bottle will sit in a landfill doing nothing and 80-100 years is the lifespan of an aluminum can.
Cool, did you know that clothes are made from recycled material products that come from recycled plastic. Such things like T-Shirts, jacket fiberfill, fleece sweaters, and sleeping bag fiberfill can be made from materials that results when plastic is recycled.
Obvious is the products that recycled material from glass can be made into like glassware, tile, and new glass containers but not so obvious is what recycled aluminum cans can create, which includes picture frames, home decor, and even baseball bats.
I found some great information on this site but like all others I have to questions how much investigation goes into the products that found there. When I read the disclaimer and found the site taking no responsibility for the items that are sold on the site it made me wonder. However, there were many great tips and facts that were helpful to me. To get more information about this site go to the link above.
Juli Knapp

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