Bio Diesel

This isn’t necessarily a case of intentional green washing but I thought about the potential of bio diesel. When evaluating the bio diesel movement there are some things to consider. First there is a definite benefit to re-using old cooking oil to power a vehicle. It keeps oil out of a landfill or improperly disposed and it’s better on the environment. According to Bio diesel produces 26% less CO2 and 39% less particulate matter. Restaurants produce about 100 million gallons of waste oil each year and for consumers it is cheaper that diesel and gasoline. Unfortunately if all of the waste oil was converted into bio diesel it would only amount to .07 percent of the total fuel consumed in America. The bigger problem is that only two major car companies sell diesel-powered cars. That translates into a smaller amount of cars available, both new and used, that can run bio diesel. The real benefit would occur if there were more diesels imported into the United States. Countries like Germany and Brazil subsidies bio diesel and use waste agricultural products to expand their program.

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