Topic of Greenwashing

Regarding the topic of greenwashing, I had only heard and read some brief information concerning the issue surrounding this before the class began. Until now I never truely knew how much of an impact it actually had on the public interest. Although when generally speaking, anytime government or corporate influence lends itself to persuade or manipulate others into believing that an issue or policy is of greater benefit to the public than meets the eye. In reality, the only benefit gained will be through the pocket-books of the politicians or corporate ownership who look to pass these issues over on the people. Only cutting turnover rates, or possibly increasing paychecks for themselves. In a world that is ever changing in the direction of eco-friendly, we have to cautious of what we say and what we do. More important, who we listen to and who we decide to trust. Knowing the topic at hand is a key to overcoming the dilemna that is greenwashing. We cannot always control what others choose to do or go about doing their perspective business per se; but like in the book of Gardner: we can control the persuasion of our own minds.

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