Public Surveys

Not being very technically savvy, I launched a few surveys of my own. Not on the computer, over the internet, but out in the general public. This is where I find it to be the most diverse, when coming from a topic like greenwashing. A question as simple as "have you ever heard of the term greenwashing?" If so, can you tell me anything about it? From a public stand-point there were two seperate areas: (1) the coffee shop crowd, and (2) the employee based crowd, that of the Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District. The third area was taken from my wifes corporate office of Pacific Corp. Power. Ranking highest among the three groups was the obvious favorite, Pacific Corp. Out of a possible 30 surveyed, 25 could give a relatively good answer to the questions. The employee base had a meager 8 participants give good answers, with 3 giving shady yet acceptable ones. The coffee shop crowd scored slightly higher, gaining 4 up with 12 good answers to the questions on greenwashing.

When concluding the surveys to each individual that did not have an adequate answer to the questions at hand, it was followed by a conclusionary question of "then what does it make you think of when you hear the term?"

The overwhelming consensus was that in the era that we are living in today, with our resources becoming so precious, our society is focusing ever so heavily on the concept of becoming green. It must have something to do with this. Atleast they were on the right track.

The importance of this goes to show where our information is being processed.
We see the corporations are going to be the best informed, they may be involved in some fashion. Many times it generates at this point. The working class is not so informed, yet may keep informed through reading. These are the people that are trying to get washed over, remember. While the coffee-shop crowd is slightly more sophisticated, spends time keeping up on what is going on in the world, and is not necessarily going to be persuaded by issues and topics of the government. They get involved in the community.

By Steven Campbell

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