My thoughts on "greenwashing"

The topic of "greenwashing" is an interesting one, especially in this day and age when so many companies and organizations claim to be eco-friendly - or "green" - but never really seem to explain what they mean by that... In other words, you have to wonder if they're really doing anything, or if they're simply throwing the word "green" around just to look good. It always amuses me when car companies brag about how fuel-efficient or "green" their latest models are in various commercials. Or how gas and oil companies - of all things - like to make similar claims as well. No matter what, cars that need oil and fuel will still produce carbon monoxide and other harmful emissions, so they don't really help the environment in any way. I especially like it when car and gas commercials use images of automobiles driving by lush, open fields - sometimes with wind turbines in the background - evoking images of alternative sources of energy and overall "green"-ness. It all seems to be an oxymoron to me.

- Cassie H.

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