Local Greenwashing

The concept of Greenwashing applies to companies, industry, government, politicians and non-government organizations. As I read the comments and posts of the members of this class as well as conduct my own research online, I cannot help thinking about the massive hypocrisy of many individuals as well. Similar to that of the many organizations that are trying to put a spin on their environmental virtuosity, there are a tremendous number of people who are claiming a disingenuous or insincere commitment to environmentalism or to present and environmentally responsible image. Some examples are those who oppose traditional deforestation practices, but turn around and live in wooden houses and heat their homes with wood fireplaces.

Of course, there are many people and organizations that are becoming more aware of the impact our footprints are leaving on the environment and are working to make an effort to become more environmentally friendly. It is the hypocrisy and dishonesty that is creating another significant layer of concern.

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