Greenwashing Site

After researching a couple of articles about greenwashing, I took the time to admire some important elements about the sites that I found to be intriguing. Reading Gardner while browsing through the sites, I am able to depict the subtle yet important characteristics that capture the viewers attention unknowingly. Moving of objects for example. The auditory senses that Gardner mentions in the reading appear to be a trigger point when dealing with site of this nature. I would imagine it plays a significant role as well, what the topic of concern around the site is may be too. A site of plain and ordinary layouts may not seem as appealing to the eye, as say that of the colorful, vivid, slide-show, illuminating, sound-filled, ones. It would be difficult to fit all of this into one site, yet a couple of them, even a few can turn a topic that is not well-known, into one that can at least be recognized and read about. If only because of the interesting layout of the site itself; then you have been successful in the job.

By, Steven Campbell

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