Green or Greenwashing?

In The New Capitalists an article titled The Lords of Industry with a subtitle SOMETIMES THE BIG COMPANIES SURPRISE (and sometimes they don't) simply stated this titles dilemma. The article addresses how businesses claim to be "gallant" with green ways but then points out the "goofus" areas that apply to the company.
One such company addressed was General Electic and their "gallant" ways because they launched "ecomagination" that claims to double dollars in green technologies. Areas addressed are; diesel-electric hybrid locomotives and pledging greenhouse gas emission reduction by 1 percent. Sounds great, right! I think we would all agree that this action will do the environment good, however, lets look at what the article claims to be "goofus" for General Electric. General Electric is said to be one of the largest polluters and their movement was looked at with skepticism even among their senior managers due to the large footprint still looming. The example of that was the PCB's it once dumped in the New York's Hudson River.
Green or Greenwashing? You decide!

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