Green Companies

In my last blog I defined greenwashing and offered some examples of what greenwashing consists of. In all fairness I would like to also mention the fact that there are companies out there that actually are “green”. According to some of the top green companies are Honda, PG & E, and S.C. Johnson are among those that made the list.
Honda is interested in fuel economy and alternative fuel. They have produced products that reduce CO2 emissions and other types of hybrid vehicles. The Honda Civic Hybrid is a relatively new vehicle that Honda has produced. One of their goals is to make it somewhat affordable and increase its availability across the globe.
In a press release from 2006, PG&E made the announcement they wanted to “make San Francisco the greenest city in the nation” ( Some of the steps they took towards this were investing $5 million for new solar installations and working with other agencies in looking into other renewable energy options.
S.C. Johnson not only has energy turbines powering one of their plants, they also use something called Greenlist. Greenlist is the process of rating raw materials in order to “protect the planet and its people” and at the same time making quality products (
So we have options to live, drive and clean while being green and the above companies are working towards that common goal.

Melanie P.

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