Sugar Ethanol

I found it interesting to learn that Ethanol made from sugarcane is more sustainable to produce than that made from corn. About half of the world (excluding the US) are producing Ethanol from sugar or sugar byproducts, and have yielded higher profits by doing so than by using corn. So why isn’t the US following suite? In 2006, the USDA submitted a report stating that it would be economically beneficial to produce Ethanol from sugar cane or sugar beets. This is a good article that covers some of the facts and concerns surrounding the issue.

Angela Logan-Connolly

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  1. So why doesn't the US govt take anything alternative into account. Sugar cane for ethanol is a great discovery and resource as is corn. It is not a matter of what can be used but why it is not being more focused on. I think the big deal is of coure MONEY!!! and just look at our economy the way it is. Ah I could say so much!


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