Ecorazzi Mixes Environment With Celebrity Gossip

It truly seems like there is nothing on this world wide web of ours that somebody hasn't thought of already. To wit: take, the site that mixes green living with celebrity gossip. The tagline itself--"the latest in green gossip"--says it all. Want to know what contributions 'famous people'--actors, musicians, etc. are making in the way of green living? I guess this is the place to go. The site seems to include more, and if you've got a moment, take a look around. This colorful, easy-on-the-eyes, well-organized design, ensures that finding your way around should be nothing short of a breeze (those who love celebrity gossip and environmental issues, may find this unexpected blending of topics a fun experience as well).

Feature: Obama Avoids the Pump By Riding a Bike (photos included)