The Benefits and How To's of Composting

Over the weekend my roommates and I decided we were going to give this whole composting thing a try.. A few short,unproductive hours later, it slowly leaked out that none of us had the faintest clue as to where we should begin.. Thus our journey for answers began and I am here to share a little of the information we uncovered with you, beginning with an awesome site I found at summarizing the benefits of composting.

This website discusses the benefits to your soil including the improved drainage and moisture absorption, and the greater supply of nutritional supplements available for your greenery. Furthermore, compost helps to clean up contaminated soil by reducing toxic runoffs. And, as an added bonus, it helps to prevent erosion!

There are also economic advantages enticing us to roll up our sleeves and dirty up our hands, including the money you will save from not having to purchase artificial soils. Also, as mentioned on this site, it decreases the amount of fertilizer, pesticide, and water necessary for growing strong, healthy plants, leaving a little extra money in your pocket!!

I can only skim the surface of all the information packed into the wisegeek website. Please refer to the link below for more information!

I also came across this great video that the Sierra Club created offering step-by-step instructions on creating a compost pile. Another simple way for us to play our part in protecting the planet!

~LA Blair

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