American Water & Energy Savers

The goal of our site is to promote economic solutions to ecological problems and this website,, provides a lot of good ways that people can cut back on their water consumption, which will ultimately lead to savings in water bills as well as conserving one of the world’s most precious resources.

This site provides tips that can be used to conserve water inside and outside your home, as well as suggestions on appliances that can assist in saving money and water. One example of such an appliance is the Flapperless toilet, which does not use a chain or floating device to allow flushing. This new kind of toilet is less susceptible to the problems that come with flapper toilets whose parts are submerged in water and can rust and break. This is just one example of the “economic solutions” that this site gives to the ecological problem of preserving the world’s water supply.
Angela Logan-Connolly