Time Magazine’s “Top 15 Green Websites”—Climate Change

The Guardian newspaper was founded in 1821 in Manchester, England, and claims to have a “long history of editorial and political independence”. “Climate Change” is part of their environmental information on the web and has companion categories of: “Carbon Footprints”, “Carbon Emissions” and “Fossil Fuels”—among others. It’s a great site for things that affect our air quality—short and long term—and the policy that gets debated because of this. For example, they had a news article on a California judge giving Bush 16 days to determine if the Polar Bear should be listed as endangered. You can calculate your carbon footprints if you live in England and many of the articles are naturally about the UK. It has some interesting things and refreshing journalism from across the Atlantic.

Iceland's geothermal energy:
Courtesy: Climate Change
Photograph: Paul A. Souders/Corbis