Time Magazine's "Top 15 Green Websites" - Mongabay

Mongabay.com is a beautifully put together website, founded and ran by Rhett Bulter, an avid protector of the world’s rainforests. This website supports the protection and preservation of wildlife and wild lands in the world. It explores serious issues of globalization, development and the deteriorating effect they have on our ecosystem. The website is fully self supported and is covered in wonderful photos from around the world, also produced by Rhett Bulter. This website allows you to see what is worth saving in our world, making your choices personal. This is an excerpt from a recent article, “The Southern forests of North America supply 60% of US and 15% of global paper demands. Deforestation for wood and paper products, along with urban sprawl, has resulted in a total decline from 356 million acres in colonial times to 182 million acres today”. If you would like to read more, visit http://www.mongabay.com/.
-Melinda Dumas