Sustainable Communities Network

Sustainable communities network:

The tagline on this website is: “Linking citizens to resources and to one another to create healthy, vital, sustainable communities.” This easily sums up the main premise behind this website. There are resources here that help build the community around a sustainable foundation. This looks to be a great resource for people looking to make a sustainable impact in their community.

There are guides that help a new planner/organizer pull together resources for events, governance, building, and other sustainable development. The website was user friendly, and the documents and resources available were quite readable, and seemed to be written with the everyday citizen in mind. The language presented in sustainable resource document can often be full of confusing 'green jargon,' and can confuse more than help. This was not the case for this website. Another interesting aspect was the emphasis on sustainable communities.

This is so important and extremely relevant to our project in that we are targeting people who may not know much about the sustainability movement, but want to make a change for the positive for the environment. The links were also quite helpful in gathering more information about sustainability. Another useful resource found on this link was a compilation of all of the funding sources available for Non profit organizations. Not only does it help organization form within communities, it also helps these community organizations become financially viable so that they can succeed and grow.

Jihae Lim