Making Better Choices

According to Consumer Reports and there are many ways to help the environment. Below are their 18 quick tips on how to lower your carbon emissions.

1. Switch to green power
2. Seal and insulate duct system
3. Drive a fuel-efficient car
4. Replace an old hot water heater
5. Control heating temperatures
6. Choose an energy-efficient central air conditioner
7. Reduce driving speed and drive evenly
8. Control your hot water heater temperature
9. Tune up and maintain your car
10. Put your computer to sleep
11. Replace 5 regular bulbs with compact fluorescents
12. Carpool or telecommute to work
13. Control air conditioning temperatures
14. Choose an energy-efficient washing machine
15. Combine errands or ride your bike instead of driving
16. Pump up your tires
17. Choose an energy-efficient room air conditioner
18. Choose an energy-efficient refrigerator

Visit to find out why these work and what else you can do in the fight for our environment.

-Melinda Dumas