Is Bamboo An Answer?

Bamboo may hold untold benefits for our enviornment. Today we focus so much on sustaining our enviornment but what if Bamboo could actually help us to restore it.

Bamboo Quick Facts:
  • Bamboo Can Be Harvested Annually And Grow Up To 3 Feet A Day

  • Bamboo Can Help Restore Soil

  • Eliminates Four Times As Much Carbon As Trees

  • Bamboo Can Be Grown Without Chemical Pesticides And Fertilizers

  • Bamboo Generates 35% More Oxygen Then Trees

  • Bamboo Helps Prevent Erosion

While this looks promising, the question we must ask is where is the myth? The truth is that planting fields of bamboo all over the world is not a viable option for improving our enviornment today. However if someone wanted to do their small part they could always buy the latest bamboo products ranging from hardwood flooring, tables and bicycles.