How to Report Illegal Dumping

Causing or allowing open dumping in illegal and may result in substantial penalties. Report open dumping to your local authorities. They can enforce any local laws and ordinances that prohibit open dumping. They can also work with the State to enforce the laws that prohibit dumping.

The Department of State Lands, and the Department of Parks and Recreation, are committed to investigating citizen reports of illegal dumping of solid waste. Complaint investigators are located in several different governmental agencies in the state of Oregon. While not every complaint can be solved quickly, we are committed to investigating your claim promptly, and subsequently taking appropriate action for prevention purposes.

Provide as much information as possible about the dump, including detailed description and information about its location (county, address, driving directions, etc.) and we will forward that information on to the owner of the property where the illegal dumping has occurred. The more information provided leads to eradicating further problems of illegal dumping.

Give a Hoot – Don’t Pollute!

Susan Keen