Educational Literacy on Recycling

Saving our earth today begins with teaching our children the importance of recycling at home and at school. Children will benefit when learning how everyday items such as: glass, paper, and plastic improve our environment when recycled. Check out your local city or school library for books on how to implement caring for the land we live on. The list of books below is a fantastic way to introduce sustainability.

"Don’t throw it out: [recycle, renew, and reuse to make things last]"
...Author: Lori Baird.
"Earth Day-hooray"
...Author: Stuart J. Murphy
"50 simple things kids can do to recycle"
...Author: The Earth Works Group.
"Go green; how to build an earth-friendly community"
...Author: Nancy H. Taylor.
"Martin Bridge in high gear"
...Author: Jessica Scott Kerrin.
"Mr. Garbage"
...Author: William H. Hooks.
"Recycle every day!"
...Author: Nancy Elizabeth Wallace.
"Recycling: learning the four R’. reduce, reuse, recycle, recover"
...Author: Martin J. Gutnik.
"Recycled songs"
...Author: Don Cooper
"Tin can papermaking: recycle for earth and art"
...Author: Arnold E. Grummer.
"The great trash bash"
...Author: Loreen Leedy.
"Waste not: time to recycle"
...Author: Rebecca Weber.

Lisa Patterson