Time Magazine’s “Top 15 Green Websites”—TreeHugger

TreeHugger is corporately owned by Discovery Communications (Animal Planet, Science Channel, etc,) and one can tell it has a higher budget compared to other sites (with the accompanying high volume of advertising too). The “Travel and Nature” category of news is cleverly done so that countries that support bad environmental policy are essentially given unofficial notice of boycott via the exposure at TreeHugger—while those countries with need or commendation were favorably promoted with news articles. Taking action is a large part of this site as there are three columns on going green (going, buying, and giving). The “How to Go Green Guide” was impressive with even a “How to Green Your Dishwasher” link. “TreeHugger Basics” is an informative venue at the site on things like ethanol with all the pros and [mostly] cons concerning this option. The site has interviews if you want to hear something and generally is very informative. Here’s a picture of space debris from the site: