Time Magazine’s “Top 15 Green Websites”—Grist

Grist is a non-profit organization based in Seattle, Washington, mostly dealing with environmental news and commentary. There’s a plethora of great news articles on many subjects with many of them very recent. Their columns are interesting and practical such as the “A to Green” that gives tips on eco-living that even a cave-man could do. Grist also has green product reviews, financial advice for the environmentally friendly conscious, and a column to ask questions. Grist is a small non-profit, but they aren’t looking for more writers (although there’s a job opening for an editor). If you have something to submit, it will have to be unique to be on Grist: “were on the lookout for untold environmental stories; new takes on old issues; cogent and timely analysis of breaking news; fresh, funny, intelligent voices; and original investigative journalism.” Grist appears very independent and won’t hesitate to expose eco-myths and half-truths. The non-profit is funded by grants from foundations, donations, and a little advertising. Check out the columns if you visit the site; they are worth the time.