Time Magazine’s “Top 15 Green Websites”—Dot Earth

“Six months, 212 posts and 15,932 comments ago, Dot Earth was born. It’s been a wacky ride, kind of like jumping behind the wheel of a vehicle that’s still being designed and assembled and has no driver’s manual — and which is already rolling down a busy highway that’s also still being constructed and has no good maps.” (Revkin, Andrew C., “Climate and the web: ‘Electronic Democracy on Steroids’”, Dot Earth, 4/25/08)

Andrew writes most of the blogs on Dot Earth that is one of many at the New York Times website. By 2050 Dot Earth states that there will be about 9 billion people, and the mission of this blog is: “examines efforts to balance human affairs with the planet’s limits.” This blog isn’t loaded with advertising and has all the other resources of the New York Times at the click of your mouse. Under the heading of “Environment”, there is an article on using bicycles in Washington, D.C., much like the program we had here in Portland with the yellow bikes many years ago (except you need a membership card with this one), and they do mention us! There are also links to other related sites and blogs in their respective categories (many of the other “Top 15 Green Websites” were under “Environment and Sustainability Voices”).

This site would be a good bookmark for the green student as there’s all the news of the New York Times, many links concerning the environment and economy, and the Dot Earth blog.