Recycling, what do we really know?

Lead Acid Batteries

Myth: Lead Acid Batteries are recycled safely.

Bust: The cost of recycling lead acid batteries in highly developed countries (such as United States, United Kingdon, Austrailia, Japan) is too prohibitive, so the batteries are shipped to countries (such as Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Phillipines) with lower labor costs. These countries do not have hazard waste laws that protect their labor force from the hazards of handling and melting down the batteries, causing lead contamination.


Hazard Waste

Myth: Cement kilns are a safe way to burn hazardous waste.

Bust: Cement kilns are designed to make cement, not to dispose waste. Emissions of dioxins are eight times higher from cement kilns burning hazardous waste.


CFL Bulbs

Myth: CF bulbs are the perfect answer for energy conservation.

Truth: CF bulbs do save on energy because CF bulbs use 75% less energy to produce the same amount of light as incandescent (even hallogen), which waste 90% of their energy on heat.

Bust: CF bulbs can not be thrown in the regular trash because they contain mercury. They must be returned to retailers that will take them, or recycled as hazardous waste. These bulbs break easily which makes them difficult to recycle.


Posted by: Fran Stein