Paper vs. Plastic

Is paper of plastic more environmentally friendly?

There are numerous items at the grocery store that come pre-packaged in either plastic or paper. Cardboard containers are produced for everything from macaroni and cheese to boxes of cereal. In addition to the many items pre-purchased with cardboard and paper, there are other items that come in plastic containers. Milk jugs, margarine tubs, and now many pet foods come packaged in plastic.

As a resourceful recycler, the question still remains. Is paper or plastic more environmentally friendly? One would suggest that paper is more environmentally friendly because of its biodegradable properties. To dispel the myth of paper vs. plastic, recycling experts would suggest researching the enviro-friendly properties of both.

For example, plastic milk jugs can be recycled to produce plastic bags. Another resourceful use of recycled plastic is for the production of vinyl fences and fabric for clothing.

Still most people would suggest that paper is more enviro-friendly. Let’s dispel those myths today. Susan Keen