Saugus Offers Rain Barrel Water Conservation Program

Now hear is an interesting program. You connect "rain barrels" to your roof that collect drain water for future use on your yard when water ban restrictions are in place.

Click Here: Saugus Offers Rain Barrel Water Conservation Program

Rocky Mountain Institute

The Rocky Mountain Institute, a nonprofit organization, is a broad-based institution focused on developing and promoting green issues. There are several topics that they advocate, including water conservation.  Its an interesting site with a lot of good information.  I first saw it some time ago but just recently recognized the link on a Yahoo! page.  Check it out.

From the headline of Yahoo!'s homepage on March 21.

Our message is hitting the mainstream media.

Consumer Consequences

Play this fun and informational game to find out if you are living a suitable life and the the impact of your lifestyle on the Earth.

Click Here: Consumer Consequences Game

Stay Safe in the Water at the Coast

Here is a great site for beach goers to ensure safe water at our coasts.  It gives you an easy to use map with location selections and water quality info.  Most costal states are listed with the notable exceptions of Hawaii and some mid-atlantic states.

Healthy Water Quiz - Learn Something New

I found this quick and fun healthy water quiz. I like it because it gives you the correct answers, so there is the possibility you'll learn up to 15 facts about healthy water you may not have known before. It's fun and educational. Give it a try by clicking below.

Healthy Water Quiz

A World Without Water

Here is a great site dedicated to a world without water. IT has great articles, quizes and advice from experts.

Click Here: A World Without Water

Proposed rules would crimp firms' water use

Here is a great new story on North Florida communities implementing a rule that would also put water restrictions and businesses and firms. While it is always important for homes to conserve water usage, I think this is a great idea to also hold businesses accountable for water use.

Click Here: Proposed rules would crimp firms' water use

They work to elect candidates that are pro-environment. It gives you ideas on how you as a voter can make a difference in electing candidates that will support issues that help the environment. The site introduces people and measures that they endorse and why they endorse them. It was interesting to see the information on each of the different counties and if you do not want to get out there and dig in the dirt you can make a difference in a way by voting and encouraging measures that help the environment.

Oregon League of Conservation Voters

Global Water Conservation

Thought this article was interesting as it pertains to not only our local community but the entire globe. We are all sharing this valuable resource; all 6.5 billion of us. It gives great insight into what happens when we waste such an important and vital resource. It help me to look at the bigger picture. Hope you enjoy it. The link is below.

Ryan McCanna

A European economic group foresees water shortages for half the world

OSLO, Norway (AP) — The world must respond to climate change and other environmental challenges now while the cost is low or else pay a stiffer price later for its indecision, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said Wednesday.
A new report by 30-nation organization looks at "red light issues" in the environment, including global warming, water shortages, energy, biodiversity loss, transportation, agriculture and fisheries.

To learn more visit- OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)


Water, Health & Sanitation

Not only is conserving water a global issue but so is water sanitation and the lack of good clean water around the world. Conserving water is very important today but conserving clean water is just as or more important. There are many countries around the world who suffer from diseases that are cause by unsanitary water and it is a growing problem. The site below offers facts about disease and other problems caused by unsanitary water and also other things such as water waste.


A Small Discovery.

This may seem strange, but I started thinking about how I could make small daily changes in my life to use less water. One task that I feel I use entirely too much water while doing it is shaving. One could go electric, but I won't. Instead of letting the water heat up and turning the water on and off, I realized I could heat a kettle of about 3-4 cups of water. Not only do I use less water, but the water stays hot the entire duration of shaving. My three roommates now follow my lead and shave their face in the same manner.

We also have a new toilet flushing rule, but I won't go into detail on that one.

May seem silly, but it is the little things that are easy to adjust. And that is where most will start to implement change.

- Matt

Vegas is the Place for Water Conservation

I ran across this article about how innovative the city of Las Vegas is when it comes to water conservation. In a city known for excess it was neat to learn about how a resource that many take for granted is so highly valued in the desert. Thought this might be interesting for you all to read. Enjoy.

Ryan McCanna

Here is the link to the site!

Calculate Your Weekly Water Use

I found this water use calculator and gave it a try for a week. You'd be amazed how many opportunities you, as an individual, have to reduce your water consumption. I like this calculator, because you can print it out and have each member in your household complete their own. At the end, you are able to easily calculate a household's annual water usage by compiling the individual member's sheets and multiplying the total by 52 (for 52 weeks in the year). Try it!

Down the Drain