Leak Detection Guide - A Must Have

The site below from Pinellas County provides a step-by-step guide to home water conservation and more specifically, leak detection. The guide is easy to understand, and the instructions are easy to follow. It also includes the following quote, which I found very thought provoking.

"We do not inherit this land from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children." ~Haida Indian Saying

Leak Detection Guide

Ideas for volunteering

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I started thinking that there is more to water conservation than just informing people. So I went on a search for a website that not only gives you information about water conservation but ways you can help in your community. Hope this inspires you!


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This site is interesting. It talks about how some businesses are trying to make an effort to conserve the water they use. The manufacturing industry uses a ton of water in the processing of their products and if they even make a slight effort it makes a big difference. I think that we need to encourage the companies out there to make a effort to conserve, such a vital resource. We need encourage them to make any effort, but the more the better.

2015 Environmental Footprint Goals


Flowers Can Help Save Water

Here is a link to The Water Conservation Garden at Cuyamaca College in California, http://www.thegarden.org/gardensExhibits.html. They have shown what you can do to keep a beautiful yard/garden and keep water use down. They have a list of the top 50 water conservation friendly flowers to plant and other resources.

Water Conservation: Learn More With Your Little One Today

The North Wales Water Authority in PA has a fabulous Kids Zone section on their web site. It includes interactive water conservation games, coloring pages, fun facts, and learning projects for all children in grades K-12. Sit down with a little one today and look up this site. I guarantee you will both learn something and have fun doing it, too.

North Wales Water Authority Kids Zone

Kids' Stuff

This site has information for parents and kids concerning ideas on how to get involved. It also has great ideas for things that kids can do to help with the environment. It is a way to get children involved in helping to conserve water and also to help with the environment in general. It offers a wide variety of sites that will help you and your kids get started in water conservation and in helping the environment. It has some great ideas on experiments also to hopefully get children interested in science, which is a benefit in the long run because children are the ones that will be discovering how to fix the next problem our world will face.

EPA - Kids Stuff


Low-Water Gardening

For readers in high desert states, or for those of you interested in finding plants that are drought resistant, take a look at “Xeriscape Colorado”. The people at the Colorado Waterwise Council have provided this resource to promote water wise landscaping, especially in dry climates. The site promotes responsible, yet beautiful landscaping for the eco-conscious gardener. The concept of Xeriscape is outlined in terms of types of soils and plants used, successful low-water irrigation, and the use of mulch to slow evaporation of water from plant beds. The site includes a lengthy tutorial section in addition to a pictorial guide to Colorado Xeriscape gardens. Worth a look for gardeners and non-gardeners alike.

Xeriscape Colorado

Conservation information for teachers

The city of Phoenix Arizona has a huge interest in water conservation (being a desert city)and has built a great resource for teachers wanting to teach water conservation in the classroom.

Phoenix Arizona


Using Water Wisely

Click below to view a fabulous web site with water conservation tips for all across the US broken out by region. It contains great educational tools, a home water audit, and more. A must see!!!

Using Water Wisely

Water Conservation Myths: Are We Still Gardening Victorian Style?

Here is a great read on water conservation myths. Some really good points are brought up here.

Click Here: Water Conservation Myths: Are We Still Gardening Victorian Style?


Conserving our rivers

I found this interesting article about how rivers are found to be even more crucial to the Earth's carbon cycle. I thought this was neat because it reminds us that there are more bodies of water out there then the ocean. That little stream that runs by your house no matter how small makes a part of the bigger picture. Hope you enjoy! Here is the link:


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Parents, Teachers & Kids

This site is a compilation of information used in the classroom and at home to teach kids about saving water. There are quizzes, survey's, activity guides and field trip ideas to make learning about water conservation fun and educational.

Saving Water Partnership

Intensifying World Water Problems

Here is a great site with tons of graphs and charts of the current water shortage situations in the world.
Click Here: Intensifying World Water Problems


Clean Rivers For Oregon

One of Oregon’s most important natural resources is our rivers. This website includes information on how to keep our rivers clean, and protect the water we drink.


Wise Water Usage

How do we encourage our readers to take action and conserve water? This website offers many different avenues to help with our cause. The eye-catching home page offers links to engaging content including interactive and educational games and tools, helpful links, state/region specific suggestions on how all of us can participate, as well as a monthly action planner. Check it out...

Water - Use it Wisely

More than 200 FAQ

An excellent web site that has lots of valuable how to information and tips for water conservation epa.gov (US environmental Protection Agency)

Kids in the Northwest Learn to Conserve

The people at Portland’s “conserveh2o.org” have provided a fun and interactive resource for children learning the ropes of home water conservation. Kids can explore topics such as “Where does my water come from?” and can play “Washing Machine Basketball” with “The Water Smart Bee”. Educators may be interested in booking the “Where’s Rosie?” road show (which is available to schools in Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington counties), which aims to teach primary school children the fundamentals of water saving. Check it out!

Kids' Corner at Conserveh2o


I thought this was an interesting website to look at it for two reasons. The first is that it has helpful water conservation tips that not only benefit the envirnoment by the wallet. Also the second reason is you can get a sense of what are webpage might look like. I think we could do a cleaner and tighter job but th ematerial ont he site is pretty interesting and useful. Hope this is helpful.

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Eco-friendly funerals and mortuaries

This is an interesting story as told on KATU news about how funeral homes and mortuaries around the world are going eco-friendly by offering biodegradable urns, coffins and other items to their consumers. Customers also have the choice of using plants, stones or other elements of nature in place of traditional head stones. Feel free to click on the following link to find out more about this exciting new eco-friendly industry.

Special Report: Eco-friendly Burials


Ethos is Good, but No Bottled Water is Better

If you must drink bottled water Ethos is good, because a portion of its sales goes toward supporting clean water efforts around the world; but after you read the article, Message in a Bottle, my hope is that you'll think twice about whether or not having this bottle of water is worth it. I know I've not purchased a bottle of water since reading it. The article is a bit long, but it's worth it.

Message in a Bottle
This website is concerning a local group of people who came together to help Oregon stay green and to help protect the environment. I always find that seeing people in your own area or state making a difference improves the chances of others getting involved. It gives them a place to reach to if they want to help make a difference. This site also has information on how to save water in your home through simple things. If you want to help and get involved there are usually places in your area that would be happy to get help to make a difference.

Oregon Environmental Council



The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sponsors a partnership program to apply the WaterSense label to designate quality, water efficient products. Detailed information on many high efficiency products available and information on how to participate can be found here.