Weatherization Program is a Winner: Energy Efficient Homes Reduces Monthly bills for Low-Income Families

Imagine the cold rain pelting against your window while you are sitting in your nice warm living-room; imagine not being able to turn up the heat because most of it leaks out underneath the door, or through leaky windows while running up a high energy bill. The Department of Energy has a website for one of the government’s longest running programs-the Weatherization Assistance Program for low income families. This website describes the program, the guidelines, the technologies used in weatherization and much, much more!! Those who qualify are provided services that reduce their energy bills by making their homes energy efficient. This website demonstrates an easy way to apply for weatherization and explains how the process works. This is also a terrific way to financially stimulate communities by increasing the spending power of its residents, improving the housing quality in the local area, and by making jobs available in the home improvement trade. If you think you may qualify, or if you just want to see how one of this country’s perhaps most successful energy efficiency programs work- use the website below – Check it out and see for yourself…

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