Vaxjo, Sweden Goes Green: Pioneers in European Movement

Vaxjo, Sweden is described as a wooded area in a region of southern Sweden. The city with its 78,000 residents sits on the shores of Lake Helga surrounded by a thick pine forest. The people of Vaxjo decided that there was a lot they could do about global warming at the local level and they have done just that! In 1996 they decided to wean themselves off of fossil fuels; a doable, but very long-term goal. Residents of Vaxjo are saving money by buying green cars that run on biofuels; these cars are allowed to park free anywhere in the city. Additionally, the city saves money by running one-fifth of the city’s fleet on bio-gas produced at the local sewage treatment plant. Vaxjo has become a focal point for politicians, scientists, and business leaders from as far as the United States and North Korea-all seeking insight and encouragement from the exciting results of Vaxjo's city programs.
Vaxjo and its residents are involved and invested in more energy and money saving projects-to read about them please check out the articles below-
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